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About Us

For 16 successful years We have served thousands of Happy Satisfied & Return Guests!!!. 

We are a One of a Kind Unique Passover Luxury Program! ***With Kitniot*** Professionally Serving Both The Sepharadic & Ashkenazic Communities.


Our Passover Program is Certified by Maguen David Mexico -KMD-, the Strictest & Most reliable Orthodox Kashrut Authority in Mexico, assuring that all the food, meat, beverage products, utensils & all the preparation of these food & meals.

Strictly adhere to the highest kashrut standards, Supervised by Rabbi David Abourmad, Rosh Kashrut Maguen David of Mexico.


*All the Food Products are Kosher LeMehadrin LePesach*  

*All Meats are Glatt Kosher & Beit Yosef Certified*

*All Dairy Products are Chalav Israel Only*

*All Matzot & Matzah Products are only Shmura Matzah Throut the Entire Resort*


We have , as an important World Reknowned Guest Rabbi on our Staff, HaRav HaGaon Rav David Shwekey Shlita, 

Rosh Mosdot Aram Zoba, Mexico City.

Rabbi David Shwekey & Mr. Elias Hemsani
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