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A Spectacular Hotel on Mexico's Shores 

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Relax and rejuvenate your senses at our luxurious hotel in Ixtapa, Mexico. Nestled along the shoreline, where the sun, sand, and Pacific Ocean converge, Azul Ixtapa Grand All Suites Resorts is a serene coastal sanctuary immersed in the breathtaking allure of a quaint beach village. Our tranquil all-suites resort boasts a laid-back atmosphere intertwined with a modern approach to Mexican design.

Seek refuge in our beautifully appointed Luxury, Master, and Presidential suites, each featuring a Jacuzzi, private terrace, and breathtaking vistas of the sea, rugged coastline, and Ixtapa Island. Unwind on the soft sands of our Private Beach, overlooking the expansive sea. Bask in the sunshine by one of our three outdoor pools, and treat yourself to a refreshing cocktail from our bar. Delight in an array of local and global cuisines at our four restaurants and seven bars & lounges.

Ixtapa is ensconced amidst mountain ranges that gracefully meet the sea, creating an enchanting backdrop for this splendid town. Here, immerse yourself in a traditional ambiance and a serene setting with numerous beaches and activities, including sport fishing, bird watching, and much more.

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Value proposal

It offers a family-oriented focus on relaxation and an eco-environmental concept, which makes us a preferred destination in Mexico, offering spectacular views from any of its suites.

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discover our exclusive suites



Gourmet kitchen

The culinary concept at Pesach  in Ixtapa is a very high level of cuisine, including the highest cooking techniques to bring the best flavor to each plate served.

Our Menus are international food for all tastes,  From the most elaborate appetizers to delicious and heavy cuts of meat of the highest quality.

The gastronomic variety is something that our clients love  In each vacation program we carry out...

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Activities and Entertainment


Discover all our special activities

• Shopping and City Tour
• Sea Turtle release
• Deluxe Trek - Biking Adventure
• Bird watching
• Whale Watching Tour
• Magical sunset “Picante Catamaran”
• Snorkel “Picante Catamaran”
• Hiking
• Prehispanic Kihuacan - “La Chole”
• Las Gatas Beach
• Ixtapa Island
• Dolphinarium - swim with dolphins
• Horseback Riding Tour
• Island Adventure
• Sport Fishing
• ATVS - Quad bikes
• Scuba Diving in “El Paraiso”
• Crocodile, Flora and Fauna Watching

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Scholar in Residence



Rabbi Yehoshua Rubenstein is the Rosh Beis Medresh at Kehillas Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, under the leadership of HaRav Moshe Weinberger Shlita. 
He is a renowned lecturer with a unique ability to give over lofty teachings in Chassidus in a down to earth fashion, inspiring those around him to grow in their Avodas Hashem. He received Semichah from Beis Midrash L’Talmud and is a close talmid of HaRav Mottel Zilber Shlita of Stuchin. 
Rabbi Rubenstein is a prolific writer of Chiddushei Torah and has hundreds of Shiurim available online across a broad spectrum of topics in both the revealed and hidden Torah.

Chief Rabbi 


Pesach Luxury has the privilege of having HaRav HaGaon Rav David Shwekey Shlita on site, an esteemed and  world renowned Leader and Posek, 

Rosh Mosdot Aram Zoba, Mexico City. He will be available to answer halachic questions or for guidance on any other matter.



International renowned Speaker. For more than 13 years he has been an active Rabbi in Chile collaborating with organizations like NCSY, Olami, Aish Hatorah and others.
Rab. Mike’s conferences always seek to inspire and motivate Am Israel through stories and parables that every jew can relate to.

Rav Hamachshir


100% Strictly Kosher

Under the strict supervision of Rabbi David Abourmad, with more than 30 years of experience -  we are considered one of the most stringently supervised programs.



Rabbi Abraham Cohen is the main Rabbi of 
Aish Mexico, Director of the Inspire 
Project, an international speaker, creator 
of the ITora App, a specialist in emotional 
therapy on topics of psychology and 
Torah, the founder of Shorashim Yad 
Mexico, a project for young people, and 
was the main Rabbi of Midrash Hábitat of 
the Maguén David community from 2015 
to 2021

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