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Experience the Passover of your Dreams at Azul Ixtapa Grand All Suites Resort.

For 24 successful years, we have served thousands of Happy Satisfied & Return Guests!!!. 

We are a One of a Kind Unique Passover  & Vacations Luxury Program! Professionally Serving Both The Sepharadic & Ashkenazic Communities.

Our service is characterized by being personalized, we will especially make this Passover a true and total vacation for total relaxation and fun! surrounded by the best atmosphere and vibes.

Our commitment is to satisfy all the dreams of our guests and exceed all your expectations of a totally luxurious kosher vacation.

This Pesach we bring you a vacation full of relaxation and liberty (Yetziat Mitzraim), , entertainment and fun for the whole family with an extensive Unlimited Gourmet Cullinary All Inclusive, always adhering to the strictest Kashrut laws both in Food and in Ruchani.

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